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Aggregator Port Group has announced a market-leading referring partnership with conveyancing group Slater & Gordon Lawyers.

Port Group GM, Voula Kotsiras, says the deal is possibly the first of its kind in Australia and was designed to explore ‘the mutual benefits of working more closely’ with the finance and real estate industries.

“It is exciting. I suppose it’s a bit out of the box and we don’t really know where it’s going to go, but I think adding in another line of business to our aggregation group will be great. Conveyancing just makes sense to me – everyone needs a conveyancer of some description and the opportunity to refer business back and forth is why we’re partnering up with them.”

Kotsiras says it’s easy for brokers to limit their referral relationships to financial planners and accountants, but says it may be time to start thinking outside the square.

“You’ve got accountants that align with mortgage brokers, you’ve got financial planners that align with mortgage brokers – and conveyancers are the other arm that clients need. It’s a natural attrition, which is fantastic.”

“It’s just thinking a little bit outside the square and having the courage to say, ‘yes, I’m going to partner with someone’. It doesn’t need to be the traditional accounting or financial planning firm, it can be pretty much any professional organization you can work with and entrench yourself into as part of their process. That’s what Port Group is trying to do with Slater & Gordon and I think the results could potentially be quite lucrative for both.”

Slater & Gordon national sales manager, personal legal services, Matt Punter, says the firm is ‘delighted to sign’ Port Group as their first PLS Affiliate program partner.

“Voula Kotsiras of Port Group saw the potential of establishing closer links with a reputable brand in order to bring a conveyancing option to her brokers and their clients that has strong geographical presence across Australia and the United Kingdom.”

Punter says Slater & Gordon will be offering ‘easy access’ to non-personal injury services such as conveyancing, wills, estate planning and wealth protection, probate and family and relationship law.

“Our PLS Affiliates referral program is designed to work closely with individuals, businesses and groups who offer complimentary services to develop mutually beneficial opportunities for new business growth.”